Beyonce Knowles-Carter

Beyonce is redefining authorship

I ain’t sorry.

Lemonade is about women, about black women, about American women, about girls, about wives, about mothers, about daughters.

Lemonade is about demanding respect. For women, for families, for artists who have never received the respect that they should be born with.

Lemonade is about breaking the rules. It is about breaking the industry rule that says you cannot release an album without a campaign and a lead-up and a signature music video. It is about breaking the rules of a music video and providing a visual experience. It is about writing the music that is honest and raw. It is about writing and singing about the people who are never sung about with power and gratitude. It is about writing accurately.

Lemonade is about respecting the people who have been the most neglected in the country whose children they raised. Lemonade is about making a beautiful experience out of pain.

Lemonade is NOT about my husband.

Lemonade is NOT about Becky with the good hair.

Lemonade is NOT about women as they should be.

Lemonade is, finally, about women as they are.




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